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QC-508M1 & 513M1 Universal Testing Machine



Model No.



2 kN

Force resolution



Test stroke 650 mm(without grips)

Stroke resolution

0.0001 mm

Testing space

Ø150 mm

Speed range

0.2 ~ 900 mm/min Free setting(By PC digital)

Speed accuracy

0.2 ~ 900 mm/min ± 0.1%



Data capture speed

Fastest speed100Hz


50 × 42 × 124 cm


62 kg


Machine Features

1) Exclusive load memory terminal: Change or add strength sensor do not need complicated operation, decrease operation error and maintain technique.
2) Exclusive elongation memory terminal: Change extensometers do not need special setting and calibration.
3) Hand wheel fixed position: Users can adjust machine position accurately.
4) Touch Screen: Can choose tablet PC and Cometech of special stand which can fix on the machine and it is easy to control. No need used PC and also can enlarge the monitor to increase display information.
5) Standard Reserved I/O signal: Can offer external start and stop functions which allow users to have remote manipulation
6) Standard Reserved Connection Hole: Allow users to add more standard matching equipments in the future; Users do not need to do extra treatment on the machine.


1) Various grips: tensile, pressure, bending, peeling, manual and pneumatic grips for your choice, can refer to
2) Extensometer: Long extensometer is used for test rubber, plastic which have high elongation’s specimens (Elongation is above 30%); Short extensometer is used for test metal and brittle materials (Elongation is below 100%)
3) Touch Screen Brace: Can fasten tablet PC, two-way angle adjustment, easy for user to control equipment.


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