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Environmental Test Chamber

ตู้ทดสอบอุณหภูมิความชื้นAging Oven

Aging Oven

This machine is for durable test of rubber/plastic materials, for obtain the difference
between tensile strength and elongation.
Normally, the testing temperature under this ins trument is 70℃, testing period is
according to producer-consumer acceptance. The general opinion is: the specimen
inside this Aging Oven 24hours, setting: 70 ℃, is equivalent to the result of any natural
exposure 6 months. (This instrument also provide baking oven funct ion)




Salt Spray TesterSalt Spray tester

Salt Water Spray Chamber is for testing the rust resistance grade of surface treatment of electro-plating, paint coating and anodizing.
This environmental testing machine Salt Spray Tester is used for testing rust-proof treatment of material, such as metal surface that after painting, coating, electroplating, anodizing, films of organic and non-organic…etc.
It's a corrosion and Rust-Resistant test.
The Material Test Equipment is for checking the corrosion-resistant of products (specimen) under long time corrosion after treatment like anodizinge, rustproof oiling, chemical, etc.




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