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Coating Thickness Gauge

Sufix PRO SPhynix Surfix Coating thickness

With separate exchangeable probes.
The Surfix® Pro S is a compact, lightweight, multifunctional fully menu driven coating thickness gauge for fast, precise, non-destructive coating thickness measurement for varnish, paint and electroplated coatings on iron/steel and varnish, paint and anodizing coatings on non-ferrous metals and on austenitic stainless steels.
Phynix Surfix Coating thickness

Phynix Surfix Coating thickness

Probe All separate exchangeable probes are machined to
ultra-high standards and utilize a unique, hard-metal probe tip which prevents probe wear. The V-notched foot of the standard probes provides a stable footing even on small cylindrical parts. It can be removed to expose a “micro-probe” sensor perfect to measure on small measuring areas and in cavities.


  1. Innovative and user-friendly measuring techniques
  2. Large data memory for 10000 readings
  3. Input and managing of alphanumerical file names
  4. Online statistics with all common parameters
  5. Data transfer to printer/PC via infrared or serial interface
  6. The Surfix® Pro S automatically identifies the substrate and activates the appropriate measuring procedure
  7. The scan mode enables a continuous measurement
  8. Free choice of different languages ensures easy operation
  9. The uniform contact pressure of the sensor is minimized, preventing scratches & indentations to sensitive surfaces
  10. Optional high temperature foot for measuring on surfaces up to 150 °C (302 °F)
  11. Manufacturer’s Certificate and one year warranty included

Measuring principle:
Magnetic induction principle (F-Mode) for ferrous metals
Eddy-current principle (N-Mode) for non-ferrous metals
FN-Mode for all metalsPhynix Surfix Coating thickness
0 – 1500 µm (0 – 60 mils)
± (1 µm / 0.04 mils + 1 % of reading)
0.1 µm / 0.004 mils or < 0.2 % of reading
Backlight, 4-digit alphanumeric, height 10 mm (0.4 ”)
Min. Measuring Area:
5mm x 5mm (0.2 ”x 0.2”)
Min. Curvature Radius:
Convex: 1.5 mm (0.06 ”)
Concave: 5.0 mm (0.20 ”)
Min. Substrate Thickness:
Ferrous: 0.2 mm / 8 mils
Non-Ferrous: 50.0 µm / 2 mils
Factory-, zero-, foil-, two-foil-, CTC-calibration
Offset-function: add. or subtract. of a constant value
10000 readings in max. 250 selectable files,
alphanumerical file names, stored readings and
statistical values individually recallable
Statistics Program:
Single-/block-value: n, x_, s, kvar, min, max, cp, cpk
Data Output:
Infrared and serial RS232 interface
Operating Temperature:
0°C to +50 °C/32°F to 122°F

Coating Thickness Probes

Type Measuring Range Style
FN1.5 0– 1500µm (0 –60mils)
F 1.5 0 – 1500 µm (0 – 60 mils)
N 1.5 0 – 1500 µm (0 – 60 mils)
FN0.2 0– 200µm (0 – 8mils)
FN 3.5 0 – 3500/3000 µm (0 – 140/120 mils)
F 3.5 0 – 3500 µm (0 – 140 mils)
F10 0– 10mm (0 –400mils)
FN 1.5/90 °
0– 1500µm (0 –

Phynix Surfix Coating thicknessPhynix Surfix Coating thickness

Printer PrintFix (optional)

Portable thermal-printer with an integrated infrared interface for wireless data transfer. It can print values stored in the Surfix® Pro S gauge quickly and reliably locally or later in the office.

Phynix Surfix Coating thickness
Software ProSoft (optional)

Phynix Surfix Coating thickness

Database program for data transfer, data adminis- tration and management. It is able to manage all measurement sets, or individual sets, stored in Surfix® Pro S.

Delivery Schedule

Surfix®ProS with e.g. probe FN1.5: Gauge incl. probe, 2 calibration foils, ferrous and non-ferrous zero plate, 2 AA batteries, transfer program FixSoft, manual and manufacturer’s certificate; all in a rugged plastic carrying case. Delivery schedule varies depending on the probe. Carrying pouch optional.

Phynix Surfix Coating thicknessPhynix Surfix Coating thickness

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