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Spring Testing Equipment


Draw(press) spring fatigue testing machineSpring tester

Draw(press) spring fatigue testing machine is applicable to test 5 pcs of same specimen at the same time, and set up by various testing stroke, speed, etc.
Spring fatigue testing machine is able to test by 1x 109 times and operate easily by touch screen.
The spring tester is very suitable for spring and car parts industry.
Cometech provides spring tester equipments for torsion, fatigue, tension and compression testing.


Max capacity:50kgs. (depend on stoke)
Max stroke:160mm.
Max measurement space:180mm
Specimen quantities:5
Max speed:20~500(rpm)
Max measurement times:999999999
Machine Dimension:72X115X142(cm)
Wooden crate dimension:95X135X175(cm)
Machine net weight:190Kg
Machine gross weight:250Kg


Spring twist testing machineSpring tester

This tester performs fatigue testing of spring's torsion.


Max twist: 9N-m

Max speed: 0.1 - 100 rpm

Machine dimention: 80 x 70 x 82 CM

Weight: 120 KGS





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