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Digital Moisture Meter

Model: 9132Cmoisture meter   Model: 7032GMoisture meter
ราคา 3,800 บาท   ราคา 4,800 บาท
Show : 2 LCD figures show that the character height of 15mm   Range: 0-40%
Accuracy : ± d +1% RDG   Resolution: 1%
Range : 1-100   Power: 9V battery.
Power : 9V batteries stacked one, the models : 6F22   Dimension: 126×70×29mm.


Digital Light Meter

Digital Tacho Meter

Model: 1330BLight meter Model: 2236CTachometer
ราคา 3,800 บาท ราคา 3,800 บาท
Measuring Range: 0.1~200,000Lux/0.01~20,000FC. Contacted/Non-contacted tachometer,test round speed,line speed.
Accuracy:±(4%rdg+10digit). Accuracy: ±(0.05%+1 digit).
Resolution: 0.1Lux. Sampling Time: 0.5sec(over 120RPM).
Repeatability: ±2%. Test Range: 2.5~19,999RPM,0.5-199999RPM(contacted).

Digital Temp&Humidity Meter

Model: 350temperature Model: 609temperature
ราคา 4,800 บาท ราคา 1,200 บาท
Sensor type:A single chip relative humidity and temperature multi sensor module comprising a calibrated digital output. Range: -10C~50C/14F~122F [indoor temperature]
Dew Point Temperature(-30~100 C degree/-22~212 F degree) -50C~70C/-58F~158F [outdoor temperature]
Wet Bulb Temperature(0~80C degree/32~176 F degree) 20% RH~99% RH [indoor Humidity], Resolution: 0.1C/0.1F 1% RH
Resolution:0.01%RH 0.01C/F degree Accuracy: +-1C/1.8F +-5%RH


Digital IR Thermometer

Model: 826Infrared thermometer Model: 88BInfrared thermometer
ราคา 4,200 บาท ราคา 3,800 บาท
Measurement Range(Temperature):-50~550℃. ﹣58~1022℉ Measurement Range(Temperature):-50~750℃,﹣58~1382℉.
Precision:±2%±2℃. Precision.:±0.1℃(℉).
Laser aim function. laser aim function.
Emissivity:0.1~1.0(adjustable) Emissivity: 0.95 (fixed).


Digital PH meter

Digital Sound Meter

Model: WF03IIPH meter Model: 824sound level meter
ราคา 2,600 บาท ราคา 4,800 บาท
Measuring range:0.0~14.0Ph. Measurement range: 30-130dB.
Accuracy:±0.1PH. Accuracy: ±1.5 dB.
Resolution:0.01PH .Frequency Range: 31.5 Hz to 8.5k Hz.
Dimensions:165mm×29mm×26mm Measuring Level: 30~130dBA, 35~130dBC.


Thickness gauge

Model: LP-10-CThickness meter    
ราคา 4,200 บาท    

Shore Durometer

Model: LX-A, Shore Adurometer Model: LX-D, Shore Ddurometer Model: SLX-A, Test Stand for Shore Adurometer
ราคา 4,200 บาท ราคา 4,800 บาท ราคา 9,000 บาท












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