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เครื่องวัดความหนาผิวเคลือบแบบ X-ray



Thick800 is specially designed for rapid and non-destructive detection of plating thickness and elemental analysis. Thick800 adopts best lightening structure, 3-D movable sample platform and laser positioning system, which enable the point-by-point detection of plating thickness and elemental content on large-size sample.The up-and-down movable glass shield helps to prevent the radiation of X-Rays away from operator.

Technical Specifications:

Analysis Range: Element K~U.
Multiple layers are able to be analyzed simultaneously.
The accurate of thickness measurement is 10nm.
More than 5 layers can be analyzed simultaneously.
Independent matrix effect correction models.
Most advanced thickness analysis recipes.
Repeatability is up to 10nm.
Long-period Working Stability and feasibility is lower than 10nm.


Open sample chamber
3-D movement is realized by 2-D movable platform and up-and-down movement of detector and x-ray tube.
Double-laser positioning system.
Automatic collimator switch
Glass shield cap
Electronic circuit for signal detection
High and low voltage power supply
Electro-cooling Si-Pin semiconductor detector instead of liquid nitrogen cooling ones
X-ray tube
PC and ink-jet printer
Sample chamber: 20X14X5In (517mmx352mmx150mm)
Machine Dimension: 26X19X21In (648mmx490mmx544mm)


(1) The shield cover of the instrument has interlocks with high voltage of X-tube. When the cover is open, the X-ray tube is shut down to prevent X rays from leaking outside.
(2) The up-and-down movable glass shield can help to prevent the radiation of X-Rays away from operator.
(3) The X-ray tube has interlocks with software, the tube is shut down when the software is not running.


The Thick-800 is a non-destructive testing solution for organizations that need accurate quality control of printed circuit boards and electronicsTesting capabilities include multi-layer thickness measurements and RoHS testing of solder joint.
Glass Door / Chamber Window: allows for virtually any size of PCB to be tested and exact spot assurance is possible with the camera system
Moving Sample Stage: Simple button will quickly provide full three-dimensional movement of the sample stage (front-back, left-right, up-down)


  • Two Styles of Electro-Cooled Detection Systems Offered (see options)
    • No liquid nitrogen (LN2) required; save expense and hassle
  • Top-Down Measurement System
  • Moveable Sample Stage; three-dimensional movement
    • 1.18 inches (30mm) front to back or left to right
    • 5.5 inches (140mm) up and down
  • Collimator Strip of 0.1mm x 1mm (additional sizes of 0.1mm x 0.5mm and 0.1mm x 3mm available)
  • Large chamber of 20" x 14" x 5" (517mm x 352mm x 150mm) fits parts with ease
  • Color camera system for viewing and precise measurement
  • Double Laser Position System; provides powerful assurance for measurement accuracy
  • Element Range: Potassium (K) to Uranium (U)
  • Computer included at no charge; utilizes Windows XP for record keeping and report generation


  • Thick-800C: includes a proprtional counter detection system (standard)
  • Thick-800D: includes a silicon pin-diode (Si-PIN) detection system
    • Offers resolution of 149eV to 160eV
  • Read more about various XRF Detection Systems

Specifically Developed For 
Coating Thickness Measurements

Quality Control of Coating Thickness
Proper quality control of coating thickness is important to the plating companies and metal finishers that are applying the coatings – but also affect the companies that utilize the plated components in their manufactured goods. Product liability requires quality control to avoid defective coatings and eliminate problems (such as rust) that can lead to production problems or product recalls.  Because of this, accurate measurements of coatings are needed in the quality control process of the supply side and the incoming inspection of the receiving side. 

XRF Testing of Coatings
X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) is one method of obtaining accurate coating thickness measurements.  XRF analyzers provide a versatile, non-contact method to obtain measurements of thin films, single layer and multi-layer coatings on large to small components with high precision (common coatings include gold, silver, copper, nickel, tin and zinc).  XRF testing equipment offers accuracy over a wide elemental range and provides simple-to-use record and report tracking to meet quality control requirements.

Plating Uses 
Along with decorative plating (faucets, jewelry, etc), coated components are used in a wide range of industries where precision is critical; including:
Electronics / Printed Circuit Boards


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