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Package Testing Equipment


Carton Compression Testercarton compression tester

Carton Compression Tester offers intelligent solutions for package industry.
Packing container like carton could be deformed due to pilinge up and compressing while they are in transportation or usage.
This testing equipment is to use an uniform speed to compress and test the specimen and obtain the compress endurance.
It would stop automatically and hold the max value when the container is broken.


Pneumatic Type Drop TesterDrop tester

Drop Tester is driven by pneumatic cylinder, single wing structure, only takes a small space to operate, suitable for package dropping impact endurance test, such as carton, luggage case, suitcase and electric equipment. By testing with falling down with this drop testing machine, we can more sure how the goods safety and complete when being delivered. Drop testing equipment apply widely to package industry.



Bursting Strength TesterBursting Tester

Bursting Strength Tester uses oil pressure to break specimen through the rubber film. This bursting tester is used to test the breaking strength of paper, cloth, corrugated paper, leather and textile.
The bursting strength comes from constant hydraulic pressing, through rubber diaphragm to burst the specimen, and record the max. pressing value as the strength of testing material.



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