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Impact Testing Machine

เครื่องทดสอบแรงกระแทกimpact tester

Universal Impact Tester

ASTM D256/D1822, JIS k7110, CNS 3843/5846/8768/9284

QC-639 impact testing machine can satisfy both CHARPY and IZOD testing methods. It is an objective impact test with standard data for reference.


Digital Impact Testerimpact tester

ASTM D256/D1822, JIS k7110, CNS 3843/5846/8768/9284

Impact tester is special designed to fit ISO-13802 standard for testing the impact resistance of hard plastic materials. It is a high precision impact tester with easy operation, which displays testing capacity value on LCD panel to read easy, without complicated calculation to gain the test result.



Dupont Impact Testerimpact tester

ASTM D2794, JIS K5400, CNS 10756

Dupont Impact tester is aim to test the impact endurance of coating material (after coated).
The coating face of specimen face up, connect with specified radius "Impact Head", use a certain "Weight" to impact the "Impact Head" on a fixed height, after impacted, check the damage of coating or deformation.


Dropping Impact Testerimpact tester

QC-637 Dropping impact testing machine provides a standard steel ball which be adsorbed by magnetic force, and when cut off the power supply to magnetism, the steel ball would free dropping from a certain height to hit the specimen




Specimen Angle Cutting Deviceimpact tester

This machine can cut various depth V shape according to different standard.
To produce IZOD and CHARPY specimens, need to cut a V angle on the middle of
specimen to less the diversity. The cutting speed of this tester can be adjusted according to the material of specimen, also according to the different angle depth, can adjust or
change the shape of cutting tool to produce different angle cut.


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