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เครื่องวัดความเงาTQC gloss meter

TQC Gloss meter

The top of the TQC Gloss meter range is the
triple angle instrument PolyGloss. Besides a 20°
and 60° measuring angle the TQC PolyGloss is
also equipped with a 85° measuring angle thus
covering the entire gloss-spectrum. The 85° is for
low gloss levels (high diffuse reflection) or mat
surfaces. More detail TQC Gloss meter



Novo-Lite Gloss metergloss meter

The Novo-Gloss Lite 60° gloss meter is designed to meet the measurement criteria for most gloss measuring applications.
Small, lightweight and durable the instrument can be used in the most demanding outdoor environments.
The high specifications, including statistical analysis and PC down load facility mean it is also at home in the best equipped QA Laboratory. The 60° Measurement geometry is the universal standard measurement angle for measuring gloss, so the Novo-Gloss Lite is perfect for measuring any flat surface from matt to very high gloss finish.


Novo-Trio Gloss Metergloss meter

The Novo-Gloss Trio gloss meter is a fully featured, extremely easy to use instrument measuring the gloss of all flat surfaces.
The 60º is the reference angle and is be used to measure any surface from matt to mirror finish.
To complement this the instrument also has 20º for improved measurement on high-gloss surfaces and 85º which gives improved resolution on matt surfaces.
New technology provides in excess of 15,000 readings



Novo-Curve Gloss Metergloss meter

The Novo-Curve is a unique instrument with specially designed optics for accurately measuring curved surfaces and small areas. It can also be used to measure flat surfaces and areas which are too small to measure with standard glossmeters.
With built in statistical analysis and the ability to download results to a PC the instrument has all the features you will ever need for fast accurate curved surface gloss measurement.



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