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Cyclic Corrosion Test
(CCT) Chambersascott

Cyclic Corrosion Testing is a means of recreating/

accelerating a variety of corrosive climates, withinCCT cyclic corrosion

the convenience of a test chamber. It is a useful

test for predicting the life expectancy of materials

and components under simulated service life

conditions. It has gained wide acceptance,

particularly in the automotive industry, where

many manufacturers have developed their own

CCT standards.

CCT test chamber performance

cctcyclic corrosion





Chamber capacity 450, 1000, 2000 Ltrs

Internal & External dimension, see catalog


Ability to create 4 distinct climates

Salt Spray Mode

Temperature range Adjustable from ambient to +50C
Salt spray fall-out rates Adjustable from 0.5 to 2.5 ml per 80 cm2 per hour*


Condensation Humidity Mode

Temperature range Adjustable from ambient to +60C

Humidity range Fixed at 95% - 100% RH

Air Drying Mode

Temperature range Adjustable from ambient to +70C

Humidity range Uncontrolled

Controlled Humidity Mode

Temperature/humidity range



450 Ltrs

1000 Ltrs

2000 Ltrs

Salt tank in liter




Sample racks

6 racks each

with 28 angled slots

8 racks each

with 46 angled slots

16 racks each

with 46 angled slots

Chamber construction

Glass reinforced plastic, Polypropylene & PVC parts


9 standard colors to choose from

Electricity supply

3 phase  380VAC

Water Deionized,continuous water 0.5–6.0 bar

Clean dry & oil free, 4.0 to 6.0 bar with 240 Ltrs per minute flow

Exhaust 3m exhaust pipe, be terminated outside building

3m drain pipe,be terminated into floor level drain


Advantage of ASCOTT


Developed in conjunction with Ford, to reduce the incidence of atomiser blockages.

This filter will remove undissolved salt crystals, and other debris from the salt water, just before it enters the atomiser. It is in a transparent filter housing so its condition can be easily monitored.



This system allows salt fog fall-out inside the chamber to be collected and measured continuously, without the need to open the chamber and interrupt the test.catchpot

catchpots ascott





Loading thresholdascott


A low front loading threshold was therefore desigated to be the cornerstone of this new chamber design. The resultant benefit from this ergonomic treatment, in terms of the health and safety of the user, is significantly less risk



Laboratory ShowcaseLab showcase

When your customer visit, it should look ‘state of the art’ and impressive. This is what we have tried to achieve with our latest chamber design, even down to offering our customers a free of charge choice of color for the chamber canopy!


Touch-screen control panel

Touch-screen’ control panel for ease of programming, with graphical display of temperature/humidity profiles


Pneumatically operated canopy for opening & closing chamber at the push of a button





Flow meter and Peristatic pumpFlow meter

flow meter


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