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Salt Spray and Cyclic corrosion Test


CCT cyclic corrosion

Cyclic corrosion test chamber performance( CCT )
Condensation humidity mode Temperature range Adjustable from ambient to +60°C/+140°F
Salt spray mode Temperature range Adjustable from ambient to +50°C/+122°F
Air drying mode Temperature range Adjustable from ambient to +70°C/+158°F
Controlled humidity mode

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Salt spray chamber performance

Temperature range Adjustable from ambient to +50°C/+122°F
Salt spray fall-out rates Adjustable from 0.5 to 2.5 ml per 80 cm2 per hour
Wetting mode (Premium chambers only) +50°C/+122°F
Drying mode (Premium chambers only) +50°C/+122°F


TQCPaint test equipment


Oven Dataloggerdatalogger

Adhesion Testcross-cut-tester

Flim ApplicatorFilm applicator

Viscosityford cup

Pencil Hardness Testpencil hardness

Wet Film Thicknesswet-film

Film Thickness Gaugethickness gauge

Grind Gaugecupping test

Dew Checkdew check

Pendulum HardnessPendulum hardness

Bending TestBending test

Impact Testimpact test

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Rhopoint Orange Peel, DOI meter



The Rhopoint IQ measures image quality, it is the only hand held instrument that profiles how light is reflected from a surface. Standard glossmeters only measure how much light is reflected and are not sensitive to effects which dramatically reduce appearance quality. More detail Orange peel , DOI ------>


phynixCoating Thickness Gauge


Surfix Pro, Exchangable probesurfix

Surfix S, Exchangable probesurfix

Surfix , Seperate probesurfix

Pocket Surfixpocket surfix

Surfix Easysurfix

test stand


cometechTensile Testing Machine


Tensile & Compression TestingTensile

High & Low Temperature Tensile Testutm

Tensile Testing MachineTensile

Horizontal Tensile Testing Machinepeeling test

Abrasion Testabrasion

Surface Hardness Testabrasion

Dupont Impact TesterDupont

IZOD & Charpy Impact TestIzod

V- Sample preparationSpecimen

Bursting TesterBursting test

Tape Power Holding Testtap test

Salt Spray Test Chamber




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